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Glass Scratch Removal Press Release


AARDVARK FOILS VANDAL'S ETCHINGS: Tucson based Aardvark Window Care, Inc. helps local businesses in the fight against graffiti scratched into glass windows.

Tucson, AZ. August 3, 2007 - With the current rise of local graffiti activity in the Tucson area, nothing is as painful for a store owner than having the Tag scratched into the glass windows that envelop their business. Now, normally an inviting perimeter to draw potential customers into our Tucson stores, the windows moan of unmaintained damage. Did you know that landlords hold storeowners financially responsible for such damage? Paint on the wall is one thing that can be painted over or even washed off. You can even call the City of Tucson Abatement Program and request the scheduling of removal of simple paint graffiti.

But what if the offender has etched his 'call letters' on your storefront windows for all of your walk in traffic to see their handiwork? What options do storeowners have then? Well, they can leave it (not good for business), they can have the glass replaced by a glazier or call the insurance company to have the windows replaced after paying their deductibles.

"There are other options," states Aardvark Window Care, Inc. Owner, George Perrini. For usually a fraction of the cost of replacing the windows, Aardvark Window Care, Inc. boasts an alternative treatment that they have been using for the past 3 years with amazing results. His company can actually sand out the deepest scratch and by feathering out the work area with a special machine that removes layers of glass incrementally micron by micron, restore the glass back to optimal clarity.

Perrini states that many of his customers are unaware this technology exists but are amazed at the results and the savings they enjoy by using Aardvark Window Care, Inc.s solutions to this growing plague of intentional and incidental glass scratches.

For more information and to schedule a FREE onsite estimate, you can call the office at 520-884-5890 anytime. Please leave a message if prompted to and someone will return your call by the next business day.